Clever Offshoring Services

We are ready and excited to assist you with your organisational change and offshoring initiatives
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How can we help you?


Readiness Check

We argue that the hardest part of offshoring is ensuring your organisation and its processes are ready. The readiness check will give you perspective and the reality of your organisations current state. Further, you will be provided with a clearly defined plan of action that is designed to ensure the success of the offshoring initiative.


Process Design

Once we understand your risks we will recommend and facilitate change to achieve the best results from your offshoring initiatives. The scope of these projects could range from minor process or organisational structure recommendations, or new systems for increased collaboration and visibility across the business.


Supplier Selection

Different operational functions have different requirements, whether that be timezone coverage, required hours or job responsibilities. These attributes may mean a different supplier type or location, but rest assured, we will be able to provide you with recommendations and introductions to ensure that you are engaging with an appropriate supplier.



It is critical to not only hire for the right capabilities but also cultural fit to your organisation. We recognise this and will take the time to understand your business culture and provide our expertise through the recruitment process. We aim to introduce amazing people to our clients and the Change Fox Community.


Support & Maintenance

We offer a range of support and maintenance functions that aims to retain your staff longer and add a positive point of differentiation between your organisation and other organisations actively recruiting. The Change Fox Community is central to this, creating an environment where customers, staff and suppliers can engage and communicate openly.

The Change Fox Vision

To inspire and create positive change for the fox community by; Increasing the success rate of offshoring initiatives by executing clever, proven, innovative and reproducible processes; Improving team culture and increasing staff retention by building a community of motivated, inspired and delighted foxes
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Change Fox Community

We have a vision of a group of motivated, inspired and delighted foxes across our customers, suppliers and staff, the Change Fox Community. Being a part of this community means being a part of something special, an extended family that work together and support each other as we all succeed together. The community encompasses the shared values and goals of our customers, staff and suppliers and aims to build trust and loyalty in each other, while improving the lives of all those involved. Below are a handful of the features of the Change Fox Community;


Team & Culture Building

Sometimes it is the little things that matter, and we do those exceptionally well, but that does not mean we forget the big, exciting things. We focus on ensuring a positive, productive and fun culture across the community with regular team and community events.


Proactive Staff & Supplier Management

We utilise continuous feedback and improvement principles to identify and rectify concerns before they become issues. The approaches used are respectful of cultural differences while getting the best outcomes for our customers and their staff.


Community Portal

The community portal creates a shared space that includes continuous feedback & improvement modules as well as staff achievements, calendars and social integration. Once you appreciate the power of this visibility you can even bring your other staff into the portal!

"The community encompasses the shared values and goals of our customers, staff and suppliers and aims to build trust and loyalty in each other, while improving the lives of all those involved"
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